Working on the mountain at Copper can be really rewarding. Learn more from Kelly Phillips, Competitions Department Supervisor: 


Competitions Supervisor Kelly Phillips works on safety net on the U.S. Ski Team Speed Center at Copper Mountain

What brought you to Copper?

I came to Colorado to ski and while getting in touch with some friends out here, I found myself with a job and a place to live thanks to my high school friend from ski racing!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Our department deals with a lot of different events and happenings at Copper so our daily activities change throughout the season.  Early season is spent moving a lot of safety net around the hill and building the U.S. Ski Team Speed Center, an area of the mountain where the best downhill skiers in the world train and race. On race days, we arrive and load the chair before sunrise to manage the course.

On other days, we maintain our various safety nets, run the public race course NASTAR, help with set up, running and tear down of other on-hill competitions, and basically any other event-related manual labor you can think of! It’s a tough job when it’s busy but it’s rewarding and a fun time. 


A sunrise during an early race from Competitions Supervisor Kelly Phillips

A view of a completed race course at Copper Mountain


What’s your favorite part of the job?

First tracks on powder days and watching up close/interacting with world class athletes.

What’s one thing about your job that you’d want people to know?

There are really busy/demanding periods which can be tiring, but they are followed with slow times where you can enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. That being said, every season is different. We have a small crew that you come to love and have fun with!

What do you like most about working for Copper as a whole?

It doesn’t take long to get to know many of the people who work for the mountain so Copper quickly becomes a tight community.

If someone was thinking about applying for a job at Copper, what would you tell them?

Go for it!!! There is always a place for newcomers on our crew.


Kelly Phillips poses for a photo during a race at Copper Mountain

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