We know you've got lots of questions and concerns before, during and after your trip to Copper as well as Colorado. Follow along this bi-weekly series for insight and insider tips on everything from lodging to tickets to activities and more.

Here are 7 tips to help you make the most of all the summer activities at Copper: 

A boy climbs the climbing wall at Copper Mountain in Colorado


1) What product is right for you?

If you’re coming for just one day, a day activity pass will keep you plenty busy. If you’ll be here more than one day and want to have access to activities multiple times, a summer season pass is the way to go. You can always add activities on a-la carte too. For the ninja enthusiasts in the family, there are dedicated Woodward WreckTangle passes.


2) Figure out when you're coming.

As with many of our products here at Copper, you can save time and money by purchasing online in advance. If you decide to come Friday - Sunday, getting your passes online will save you $10 per pass.

If you’re coming Monday – Thursday, get the Weekday Warrior Day Pass on-site. For every $30 you spend on food and beverage or retail products around Copper, you can receive a free activity day pass for day-of use. 


3) Come prepared.

Weather in Colorado can be unpredictable. When it comes to clothing, bring a little bit of everything: shorts, pants, rain jacket and a couple warm layers.  Also, you may want to consider comfortable shoes. Bring a backpack full of your gear or use our day lockers located inside Copper One next to Guest Services. Don't forget the sunscreen!


5) Head to the coaster first.

Save yourself a bit of time by heading to the Rocky Mountain Coaster before other activities. Not only does a line form as the day goes on but with the chances of unpredictable weather being higher in the afternoon, you may run into activity closures.


A man rolls down the track on the Rocky Mountain Coaster at Copper Mountain


5) Buy a gift card.

If you’re sending the family up for the day, consider a gift card. You can purchase one online in advance here then they can pick it up once they arrive. That way they are set up for a day of activities, food and anything else they'd want to enjoy. 


6) Hit the gas. 

Don't let up on the gas pedal on our go-karts. Some of the karts may be a little faster than others so be sure to ask the attendant for any insider tips - he or she may help you out. You've got to beat your friends, right?


People race around the go-kart track at Copper Mountain in Colorado


6) Don’t forget Copper Creek.

Don’t forget to check out our full 18-hole, par 69 golf course located in East Village. The kids can even tag along as there are kids club rentals available and special tee boxes on each hole catered to their skill level.


A view of the Copper Creek Golf Course at Copper Mountain, CO


7) Eating is an activity too. 

No one wants to get hangry while enjoying a day of activities but there's so much to do in so little time. Some good grab-and-go options are a burrito or sandwich from Camp Hale or a crepe from Mountain Top Cookie Shop. Or while the kids play inside the WreckTangle and ride the coaster, Mom and Dad can watch from the patio of Downhill Duke's. 


A view of the patio of Downhill Duke's at Copper Mountain


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